Our Mission Statement

We are a student-centred institution, committed to cultivating excellence in every student. This is to inspire our students to think critically, communicate effectively, unlock their creativity, and become emotionally intelligent.


Our Aims

  • partner with parents to develop the educational needs of their children
  • establish a professional and motivated teaching faculty
  • ensure a happy, healthy, confident, and motivated learners
  • ensure our students develop a love for independent learning
  • Inculcate strong values in our students to make informed choices
  • Recognise and celebrate diverse strengths, cultural backgrounds, and talents

We achieve this by providing

  • a serene and nurturing environment for learning
  • strong, comprehensive, and forward-looking academic curriculum
  • a dedicated and motivated professional faculty who are appreciative of the learning needs of students
  • a strong partnership with parents and community

Our Values

At IB Arthur School, the pursuit of creating a centre of excellence for learning and personal development is guided by our core values:

  • excellence- we mean strive for the best in everything
  • creativity- we mean stay curious
  • positivity- we mean never give up
  • ethics- we mean do the right thing