Academic Structure

Our grading and class structure follows the Cambridge primary and secondary education system. The school is structured into the Early Years Foundation Stage, Lower Primary Stage, Upper Primary Stage, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary.

The school follows the UK academic calendar, which runs from September to June. The School closes for all Ghanaian public holidays. Typical yearly terms dates are as follows:

Autumn (1st Term) term

Runs from early September to mid-December (half-term falls in late October).

Spring (2nd Term) term Secondary Stage, and Upper Secondary Stage.


Runs from early January until Easter, with a half-term break in mid-February.

Summer (3rd Term) term

Begins three weeks after Easter and ends in July. Half term falls in late May or early June.


Commuting to school

We provide daily means of transport to school at a fee. The bus fee is published at the end of every term. Students are always expected to be courteous and consider their safety and that of others whiles on the bus. We will pick up and drop off students at designated and at times at agreed points and times (i.e. where the road is not motorable).

Where students must be dropped off or picked up, parents or guardians are required to sign off.

The following rules are posted on school vans and buses:

  • remain seated while the bus is moving.
  • refrain from loud conversation.
  • no boisterous conduct.
  • keep all parts of the body inside the bus.
  • fasten seat belts. Seat belts are mandatory.
  • no profanity.
  • no eating on the bus.


With prior written permission from the parent/guardian, upper primary to upper secondary pupils may opt to walk home but must follow pedestrian safety rules. An authorized adult or upper primary sibling must accompany lower primary pupils.

Emergency Measures

Fire, lock-down and emergency evacuation drills are held at school each term. Students will be asked to go to a designated area, led by their classroom/subject teacher. Every drill is treated as a genuine emergency and is acted on accordingly with urgency.