Admission into EYS is based on vacancy. We accept children who will benefit from the school’s academic programme, nurturing environment and contribute to the community spirit. Learners are admitted to the appropriate class in August each year depending on age and the following considerations:

  • learners living closest to the school.
  • To siblings of children already on the roll.
  • The exceptional educational, medical, or social needs of the child. In exercising judgement on this, the admission team will consider the child’s cognitive, physical and linguistic needs.

Grade placement for the 2023/24 academic year will follow this structure:


Date of Birth

Class Placement


1 Aug 2020 -31 Sept 2021

EYS 1(creche)


1 Aug 2019 -31 Sept 2020

EYS 2 (Nursery 1)


1 Aug 2018 -31 Sept 2019

EYS 3 (Nursery 2)