School Day

Learners report to school at 7:00 am. Learners should not be sent to school earlier than 6:30 am, as there are no teachers on duty before school starts. A child who arrives late interrupts our schedule and class activities. Parents will be called for further explanation if a learner is consistently late on more than three occasions.

Breakfast is served at 7:30 am and ends at 8:45 am. The breakfast menu is shared with parents and children with dietary allergies are given special meals.

Teachers assist learners to go through their reading assignments and take a class test to assess their level of understanding.

60 minutes is allotted for the first lesson.

Learners go for their water break before the start of the next lesson.

60 minutes is allotted for the second lesson.

Lunch is served at 11:15 am. The lunch menu is changed every school term. Parents with children having food allergies should inform the Administrator to make special arrangements with the kitchen to serve them special meals.

60 minutes is allotted for the third lesson

Learners go for their water break before the start of the next lesson.

60 minutes is allotted for the fourth lesson.

We served snacks at 2:15 pm before learners depart home. Snacks include natural fruit juice without any preservatives, biscuits, chocolates, fruits, pancakes and other pastries. We strictly discourage parents from providing their wards with food and snacks when coming to school. In as much as the latter may be time-consuming and cause lateness, the IB Arthur School feeding programme is committed to healthy feeding. Children are not allowed to chew gum or consume sweets or carbonated drinks in school. Water dispensers are available at vantage points to provide students with potable water; students are therefore required to bring water bottles to school.

Learners depart home at 3:00 pm. Parents who pick up their children have until 3:30 pm to do so. There is no teacher on campus to take care of children who stay beyond 3:30 pm. Any parent who anticipates being late should inform the Administration ahead of time.