We accept children who will benefit from the school’s strong academic programme and nurturing environment; and contribute to the community spirit. Students are admitted to the appropriate class in September each year depending on their age group and academic performance.

Admission policy

 The number of students per  teacher is sixteen (16).   If there are more applications than places available, the Management will decide based on the following considerations:

  • Children living closest to the school.
  • Children whose parent is a qualified teacher in the school.
  • The exceptional educational, medical, or social needs of the child. In exercising judgement on this, the Management will consider the child’s cognitive, physical, and linguistic needs, as well as family circumstances.
  • To siblings of children already on the roll.

Admission requirements and procedures

Application – Admission starts on 1st May and ends on 30th July every year. Application form is available online for completion by applicants.  


In determining admission, the personal qualities, developmental readiness, academic aptitude, and individual needs of each applicant are taken into consideration. Every child would be assessed in Mathematics and English language on a given date to determine the appropriate class to place the prospective student. 

Students with learning disabilities

Students with learning disabilities may be admitted when parents agree to appropriate accommodations. Accommodations could include outside tutoring at the cost of the parent or in class support with an instructional aide provided by the parent. A student’s behaviour or work must not strain classroom resources or detract  educational experience of other children. 

Offer letter

Parents of children who meet the admission criteria would be informed in writing stating:

  • the class of the child;
  • school number;
  • prospectus;
  • admission fee;
  • academic term fee;
  • other applicable fees; and
  • other important announcements.

Payment of Admission fees

Upon receipt of admission offer letter, the admission and academic term fees must be paid promptly, not later than the given deadline. Failure to do so, management will be obliged to give the slot to the person on waiting list.


We value a diverse student body and does not discriminate based on age, race, colour, ethnic origin, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, economic or social circumstances, or other characters protected by applicable laws of Ghana

2023/24 Admission Timelines

  1. Start date for online application – 1st May 2023
  2. Closing date for online application – 19th August 2023
  3. Admission assessment date for prospective applicants– 30th July 2023
  4. Issuing of offer letters to prospective students – 5th August 2023
  5. Confirmation of admission offer by applicants – 15th August 2023
  6. Deadline for payment of admission and academic fees – 30th August 2023
  7. School reopens – 19th September 2023