At IB Arthur School, we are committed to providing and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities on campus to ensure that our learners attain a lasting learning experience, make them 21st-century students, and compete with confidence in the global space.

School Library

We maintain a well-resourced library which provides a wide range of titles and genres for recreational reading and research while ensuring that age-appropriate information is available. We also subscribe to Schofield and Sims Phonics Readers e-library for Early Years School. The library addresses curriculum needs, and it is established to promote lifelong learning.

Music rooms

All learners study Music and Dance from years 1 to 9. Learners study piano lessons and vocal skills from years 1 to 6 whiles acoustic guitar lessons are taught from years 7 to 9. We ensure that each learner has access to an instrument. Learners who love music can pursue their interests further by joining the Performing Arts Club during the Extra Curriculum periods.

Art rooms

The study of the Arts is rigorous, challenging and a vital component of education, developing lifelong transferable skills and allowing learners to develop an understanding of themselves, the world around them and their place in it. The art rooms are well-resourced, and each learner gets the opportunity to express their artistic talents.


There are two well-equipped laboratories to encourage the learning of biology, chemistry and physics. We encourage students to carry out their own experiments and investigations beyond the textbook knowledge. The laboratories are designed to provide learners safe environment to explore the scientific world.

Swimming pool

We maintain a swimming pool dimension of 16 metres by 8 metres. Learners are equipped with essential swimming skills, swimming safety measures and sportsmanship. Learners who want to pursue their interest in swimming further join the swimming team during Extra Curriculum periods.

Football pitch

Ghanaian children love football, and we ensure every learner gets the opportunity to learn to play football. We maintain an Astroturf pitch dimension of 46 metres by 26 metres. Learners who want to pursue their interest in football join the school football teams.  


The school infirmary is equipped with the necessary first aid tools.  There is always a health official on campus to ensure the safety and well-being of our learners.


School life is never complete without good meals. Our school canteen is well spacious and provides a good atmosphere for our learners to refuel and socialize. Meals are prepared under strict safety measures to ensure that the health and safety of our learners are not compromised. We serve nutritious meals and strictly avoid carbonated drinks, sweets and proceeds meat and poultry foods.

Physics lab

Chemistry lab

Football Pitch

EYS Playground

Music Studio

Arts studio