At IB Arthur School, we believe that class attendance is essential for academic growth and therefore reserve the right to refuse credit to students who incur six (6) or more absences in any course during a term.

All students are expected to attend classes every day and to arrive on time except in cases of verified illness. Parents must call the Attendance Hotline at 9:00 am, each time a student is absent for all or part of a school day. This includes late arrival and early dismissal for appointments or family commitments.

Parents and students should be aware that excessive absence not only jeopardize the successful completion of a course, but also add to the student’s level of stress. Parents are expected to assist the School in maintaining its attendance policy by holding students accountable for attending class, by providing notice of planned absences, and by providing a brief, factual note to administration.

We strongly discourage absence from school due to family vacations, funerals ceremonies, sightseeing excursions, or other diversions.