The long-awaited Lower Secondary School will also open soon.

At IB Arthur School, we focus on three things to prepare our students for the technological evolution that transcends industries and borders.

The first is a fusion of the Cambridge International Curriculum and STEM. In anticipation of taking the A-level exam, we will provide generous support with our unique curriculum until you enter university. We will provide an environment where students can learn and work with peace of mind. We want our students to become innovators who can freely pursue their passions, broaden their dreams, think for themselves, and embrace the future with enthusiasm, rather than spending their valuable school years just to prepare for exams.

The second is to develop the fields that students are passionate about. We will actively participate in contests and events and pursue results. A mentor system will be introduced to create an environment where students can explore knowledge to their heart’s content with mentors who are active researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are active on the front lines.

Finally, our admissions advisors and mentors will provide full support to our learners to achieve their dreams and goals.

Extracurricular Sports & Activities

Our students have many opportunities to represent their school in performances, contests, and tournaments. IB Arthur Secondary School will have a growing variety of extracurricular programs: academic, performance, art, & sport.

Guidance Counselling

From Grade 8 onwards, IB Arthur Secondary School will provide formalised guidance counselling. Our intent is to help all our students choose their academic paths and move successfully towards post-secondary education and the professional goals that await after graduating from year 13.

Mentorship Program

Throughout our students’ experiences, they will be guided by professionally trained mentors and researchers in science and technology. These one-on-one learning relationships will provide students with coaching and experiences that can only be found in the real world.

Field Studies

Since education is meant to help students know how to grow and succeed in the real world, we want to make sure that we are providing them with real-world experiences! To do so, two times each academic year, we will take our students into the field to make observations and conduct experiments. These experiences will provide learning opportunities that are second to none. Students will go beyond the classroom and be inspired by the professionals around them, making it applicable to the real world.