Admission Process


Admission starts on 15th June and ends on 30th July each year.  Application for admission to IB Arthur School must be made online. Where an applicant is unable to complete the online forms, we advise that the applicant downloads  and completes the form. The applicant should scan the completed form to pdf format and email it to or submit it to the Administrator in person on campus. The Office is open for business from 8:30 am -3:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Students with physical disabilities: Students with learning disabilities may be admitted when parents agree to appropriate accommodations. Accommodations could include outside tutoring to support the student’s work in a rigorous curriculum or in-class support with an instructional aide provided by the parent. A student’s behaviour or work must not strain classroom resources or detract from the educational experience of other children. Appropriate modifications to the admission process may be made to accommodate such students.

Assessment: In determining admission, the personal qualities, developmental readiness, academic aptitude, and individual needs of each applicant are taken into consideration. Concerning academic aptitude, every learner is assessed in Mathematics and English.

Response: Parents of children who meet the admission criteria would be informed in writing (i.e., by email) stating:

  • the class of the child
  • school number
  • prospectus
  • fees to be paid
  • important announcements

Payment of Fees

Once parents accept the admission offer, all fees (admission fee and academic term fee) must be paid promptly. Failure to do so, management will be obliged to give the slot of such a learner to the person on the admission waiting list. Kindly note that partial payment of fees is not allowed.


Admitted learners and parents will attend orientation in the first week September. At the orientation, students will be taken through the school policies, campus tour, and meet the class teachers.